Datasheet | February 20, 2014

Horizontal Shaft Aerator Ideal For Low Loaded Plants

Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies

The MAMMUTROTOR® is a horizontal shaft aerator used for oxygen transfer in the biological waste water treatment process. For the two standard diameters the following maximal lengths are available:

  • ∅ 0.7 m / 2.30 ft: up to 6.0 m / 19.68 ft length
  • ∅ 1.0 m / 3.28 ft: up to 9.0 m / 29.53 ft length

Suitable for plants with high and low volumetric loadings, but especially for low loaded plants when fitted with appropriate drives (optionally with frequency converters) the MAMMUTROTOR ® produces adequate flow velocities, at low energy consumption and with a low oxygen input (necessary for simultaneous denitrification). The MAMMUTROTOR® can be used in either longitudinal circulation flow systems, race track / carrousel systems or annular tanks with horizontal flow pattern; if required a combination with submersible flow boosters is also possible.