OxyMix® Pure Oxygen Mixer For Efficient Oxygen Transfer


Since 1969, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. has led the industry in surface aeration and mixing with thousands of installed units throughout the world. For those wastewater applications that require an efficient means of introducing oxygen into a system, the OxyMix pure oxygen mixer is an economical solution compared to other pure oxygen devices.

Features and Advantages

  • Single unit is capable of mixing up to a 105 foot (32 meter) diameter basin
  • No blowers or diffusers required
  • Single equipment item for both mixing and aeration needs
  • Floating unit offers easy access and operates in varying water depths
  • High oxygen transfer provides operational cost savings
  • Independent aeration and mixing offers full oxygen control for process optimization
  • Completely mixed conditions provide enhanced process control and mass transfer
  • Minimal maintenance; no submerged couplings or bearings
  • Installs in existing basins without dewatering
  • 10 HP or 40 HP units available; standard Endura® Series high efficiency motor