OSEC® B-Pak On-Site Electrolytic Hypochlorite Generation Systems

The OSEC® B-Pak Skid System is a fully automated, pre-packaged on-site hypochlorite system designed for fast and economical installation, safe operation and easy maintenance. Skids are shipped completely piped, wired and tested.

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The OSEC® B-Pak system generates a 0.8 % sodium hypochlorite solution through the electrolysis of brine, consuming only water, salt and electricity. By producing hypochlorite on-site and on-demand, the system eliminates concerns associated with transportation and storage of liquefied chlorine gas or commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions, making it ideal for any application requiring chlorination.

Due to its low concentration, the hypochlorite solution generated by the OSEC B-Pak system minimizes corrosion and degradation (loss of available chlorine during storage) issues typical of high-strength commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions.

Available in capacities from 250 to 150 pounds per day of equivalent chlorine as well as the new lower capacity unit from 65 to 260 pounds per day, the "plug and play" design simplifies consulting engineer design work making the system particularly suited for retrofit applications with space constraints. Operational safety is also enhanced with the fully automated control system and process safety interlocks. Components are easily accessible for easy maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Inherently safe system design and process controls
  • Highest process efficiency achieved without sacrificing quality of hypochlorite solution produced
  • Robust electrolyzer construction for reliable operation, ease of cleaning and access
  • Small system footprint, ease of installation

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