Download | March 18, 2015

OSEC® B-Pak Frequently Asked Questions

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Q. What is Evoqua Water Technologies level of experience with electrochlorination?

A. We have over 100 years of chlorination experience, and 80 years with on-site generation systems. In the 1930’s Wallace & Tiernan supplied electrochlorination systems in Britain. Also at that time in the United States the movement to consider electrochlorination as a safe alternative to chlorine gas for use in municipal swimming pools began. In the 1970’s W&T developed the OSEC system and after several years of field testing it was released for sale in 1980.

We’ve been continuously improving the products and expanding our knowledge around the world in electrochlorination. Evoqua Water Technologies is active in producing anodes, developing coatings, electrolyzer fabrication, brine-based and seawater-based systems, controls and process engineering, all within one business unit.

To date we have over 1,400 brine-based systems in operation, and more than 2,200 sea-water based systems for offshore and land installations. These systems in total produce well over 1 Million pounds of chlorine each day. The climatic conditions of these sites range from very cold areas in Scandinavia, Russia, and Alaska to very hot conditions in Middle East, Central Africa and the southwestern United States.