News | October 12, 2023

One-Year Countdown To LCRR Compliance Begins, 120Water Offers Solutions

Source: 120Water

Expert team hosts webinar to provide utilities with compliance and communication tools
Zionsville, IN – Kicking off the one-year countdown until utilities nationwide are required to complete the first steps outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), 120Water will host a webinar providing guidance and support to systems of all sizes as they navigate LCRR compliance and customer communication challenges. Hosted by Water Online, the one-hour webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17, at 1 p.m. EDT.

The LCRR mandates utilities across the country to compile a location-based inventory of service line materials by October 16, 2024, a requirement that introduces a myriad of challenges for the majority of systems that lack the digital infrastructure and resources required to track and submit the data. The webinar – aptly dubbed “Countdown to Compliance: LCRR Requirements, Communication Strategies, and Tools for Water Systems” – is scheduled almost exactly a year before preliminary service line inventories are due.

“This initial service line inventory is the foundation for all forthcoming LCRR requirements and represents the first mile marker in the marathon that is LCRR compliance,” said Megan Glover, co-founder and CEO of 120Water. “To some, a year might sound like plenty of time to begin this journey, but we cannot stress enough how critical it is for systems to take action now. This webinar is the perfect opportunity to understand what needs to be included in the service line inventories, how data management tools can help, and best practices for communicating with customers.”

120Water is the premier solutions provider for lead reduction and drinking water programs, and its team of experts will offer unique LCRR insights, and a demo of a secure data-management system utilities can use to build, submit, and manage data. Speakers and bios are listed below:

Jonathan Cuppett, 120Water Director of Water Quality Compliance
With over two decades of experience in the water sector, Jonathan ensures that the solutions offered by 120Water comply with various regulatory requirements. Jonathan has been active in research and policy related to Lead and Copper Rule issues and is a collaborator on various national LCR-related initiatives.

Arianne Shipley, 120Water Senior Manager of Water Utility Marketing
Arianne has over 14 years of experience as a public servant, entrepreneur, and public communication consultant within the environmental and water industries. She understands the nuances of local government and has a proven track record of developing communication, education, and outreach programs and initiatives.

Isaac Pellerin, 120Water Vice President of Marketing
Isaac has invested nearly two decades into building organizations and data-driven technologies that impact local communities. He has a never-ending curiosity to understand how technology impacts people’s work and produces good for the communities they serve. He sees the complexity of drinking water regulations as an opportunity to align the value of 120Water’s platform with the needs of the water workforce today and grow with the needs of the future.

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120Water is the comprehensive solution used by water professionals across the country to manage critical lead and drinking water programs. Comprised of secure cloud-based software services and point-of-use kits, 120Water’s solution provides tailored workflows for complying with lead and water quality programs to protect public health. Working with hundreds of utilities across 41 states, 120Water is in the process of inventorying over 3 million service lines that impact more than 10 million individuals. Their team of water, policy and technology experts have supported over 8,000 sampling events, partnering with the National Rural Water Association (NRWA), water systems and government agencies such as Citizens Energy Group, the City of Providence, RI, the City of Asheville, NC, and Chicago Public Schools to protect public health and provide clean drinking water to all communities. To learn more, visit or follow them on Twitter @120_Water.

Source: 120Water