News | June 5, 2018

New Aqua Caiman™ Video By Parkson Corporation Features Articulating Rake Screen Technology

New Aqua Caiman Video By Parkson

Durable headworks screen provides low maintenance and heavy solids removal for wastewater treatment.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) - Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new video featuring the Aqua Caiman™ Articulating Rake Screen, which is designed to screen solids from wastewater in both municipal and industrial applications.

The Aqua Caiman video provides a simple overview of its design evolution, function, features and benefits. The key to articulating rake screening technology is the knee-type joint connecting the chain links, an area where the Aqua Caiman’s unique design shines through in performance. The screen also features a True Engage™ bar fastening design which provides 100% engagement of the rakes and True Tack™ chain positioner which allows for in-place chain positing without a hoist.

Watch the video to learn how the Aqua Caiman is superior to competing articulating and multi-rake screens and how it provides unmatched durability, ease of operation and protection of downstream process equipment.

To view this and other Parkson videos such as the recently released Aqua Rhino™ Escalating Screen and Parkson University Introduction to Wastewater Treatment video series, visit Parkson’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe, share, comment and look for more videos to come. For any additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at

About Parkson Corporation:
Parkson Corporation, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Golden, CO; Chicago, IL; Kansas City, MO; and Dubai, UAE, is a supplier of equipment and solutions for potable water, process water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Parkson designs, engineers, assembles and manufactures the products it sells into the municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater segments. Its factories and warehouses are located throughout the U.S. The company was founded in 1960 and has been owned by Axel Johnson Inc. since 1967.

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