News | November 12, 2018

New AMERICAN Flow Control IP16 Indicator Post Is User Friendly And Saves Customers Time And Money

Flow Control's IP16 indicator post
AMERICAN Flow Control's IP16 indicator post

Earlier this year, AMERICAN Flow Control introduced its new IP16 indicator post with key features designed to save customers and installers time and money.

“This product was designed based on customer input,” said Derek Scott, AMERICAN Flow Control marketing and technical manager. “Over the years, people have provided feedback about our indicator post, what they liked and what we could improve on. All of this was considered when coming up with the new design.”

Some of these new design features include a lighter weight, telescopic barrel and rod, and targets that are easily adjusted.

“At AMERICAN Flow Control, we continually look at ways to help our customers,” Scott said. “This indicator post is feature rich – it’s easier to disassemble, there are no field cuts and it can be quickly adjusted, all of which are time savers for the customer.”

Indicator posts are primarily used in industrial and commercial settings or other places where the user needs to quickly and easily see if a valve is open or closed. The IP16 indicator post is for use with AMERICAN’s 3-inch to 24-inch gate valves. Click here to learn more about the IP16 indicator post.

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

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