Moving Water Quality Innovation Forward

Source: Hach

Hach is a company that does several kinds of water analysis, with solutions from laboratory and water/wastewater, to power, pharmaceutical, and more. Pam Moss, a technical sales specialist in the Southeast for Hach, sat down with Water Online Radio at ACE to briefly discuss some of Hach’s offerings for looking at the biologics and chemistry in water.

Some of their technologies are new to the market for optimization of field products, lab products, and process products. One example is the total organic carbon platform, with the new laboratory TOC analyzer, as well the launch of the BioTector for drinking water.

Moss’ background is in biology and she was a chemist in water and wastewater plants for many years, so she tells Water Online that she is most excited about the theme of water distribution monitoring, which measures the water quality out of your distribution system. Hach’s SL1000, which is a portable parallel analyzer, was designed for this job, and only takes five minutes, when it previously would have taken 20 to 30 minutes in the field.

Moss also discusses the impact that inaccurate testing can have on public health, and the importance in the water industry to protect public health, in addition to the responsibility of staying compliant and optimizing processes.

Click below to listen to the full interview and to learn more about the products and services Hach has to offer.

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