Article | May 7, 2012

Maximizing Your ROI On Test Equipment

Source: Myron L Company
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By Heather Rekalske, Myron L Company

In today’s economic climate, it’s tempting to want to buy the cheapest test equipment you can now. But, how can you tell what the true cost of test equipment is? You have to consider how widely your water and chemical consumption will vary as the readings on your instrumentation does. And, if you’re using that instrumentation as part of your system maintenance or equipment calibration, inaccurate readings can crescendo into system failures over time.

Even given the same specifications, not all instruments are equal. How can you tell which instrument to choose? Even when you choose the best instrument for your application, how can you get accurate repeatable readings? This article addresses design and use issues that affect the accuracy of one of the most significant process control parameters: dissolved solids, as measured by conductivity, resistivity, and TDS measurements. The goal is to help you choose the right instrument for your application, use it correctly, and get an immediate payoff for your investment in quality.