Case Study

Matt Brewing — Spent Hops Screening And Dewatering

Source: JWC Environmental
Brewery Spent Hops Project Summary for Water Online-1

IFS 4872 Internally fed rotary screen; wedgewire drum with 0.020” screen slot openings

PLB 1272 Pull-style shaftless screw press; wedgewire press zone with 0.020” screen slot openings and perorated drainage zone with 3/16” openings.

Spent grain removal

Process Summary:
To screen 900 GPM of brewery wastewater to remove spent hops. Screening of effluent before a newly installed anaerobic digester. To protect a heat exchanger before the digester, the system originally included an in-line filter that plugged quickly and was difficult to clean. The screen does a great job of removing spent grain and pieces of hops while letting yeast go through to the digester.

Solids removed by the screen discharge to the press where additional water is removed and the solids are compressed for discharge. Final solids dryness is in the range of 18-25% dry solids.