Newsletter | May 31, 2023

05.31.23 -- Matchine Learning And AI Solutions Showcase

Featured Products
leadCAST Predict

leadCAST predict is an additional feature of the leadCAST LCRR compliance management solution that uses a machine learning model coupled with your inventory data to generate predictions of service line material.

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OpenFlows FLOOD

OpenFlows FLOOD is a complete flood modeling application that helps you understand and mitigate flood risks in urban, riverine, and coastal systems.

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Bentley Systems
Xylem Vue Powered By GoAigua Network Real-Time Decision Support

Uncover operational insights and make data-informed decisions with real-time water network monitoring. 

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Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua
Xylem Edge Control

Xylem Edge Control is a suite of digital solutions designed to help conventional activated sludge facilities optimize nutrient removal while reducing energy costs.

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Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand
EMAGIN. Intelligently Manage Processes In Real Time With AI.

Connect your daily operations to corporate objectives and site-specific goals that you can easily track and foresee. Emagin integrates seamlessly to enhance your team’s decision making and achieve optimal outcomes.

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Autodesk, Inc.
Quickview 360 Manhole Camera

Quickview 360’s lightweight design empowers a single operator to run rapid, comprehensive inspections: Conduct up to 80 assessments per day and stream results to the cloud for secure storage and AI-supported defect and feature coding.

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IDEX Intelligent Water
Sensus Analytics Pressure Profile

The Sensus Analytics Pressure Profile software provides full visibility of your water system with near real-time pressure data and seamless data collection. 

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Sensus, a Xylem brand
Analytics For Smart Water Metering - Incidents And Water Intelligence

Discover how you can utilize the full value of your meter data.

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PipeRank Virtual Condition Assessment

The PipeRank machine learning technology delivered by Echologics leverages historical failure data and other site-specific data to accurately predict which of your water pipelines will break next, allowing you to prioritize segments for further inspection and those that need to be replaced immediately.

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Mueller Water Products
Proficy Operations Hub 2022

The GE Digital Proficy Hub is a modern, centralized environment for rapidly building industrial applications for web-based intelligence. Check out the brochure for even more features and specifications.

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GE Digital