LSLR & Pitcher Filter Programs

Source: 120Water

120Water guarantees top-notch management of your Pitcher Filter engagement, communication, and distribution initiatives. Our expert team handles everything from providing filters and replacement cartridges to centralizing data, executing customer communication, and delivering program support.

How it Works:

  • 120Water partners with your water utility to provide pitcher filters, replacement cartridges, data tracking, and communication support.
  • Once enrolled, 120Water will ship a pitcher filter directly to your customer's home on behalf of your utility. The pitcher filters contain a filter cartridge certified to remove lead.
  • The filter cartridge needs to be replaced approximately every 6 months to remain effective. 120Water can assist with coordinating the sending of additional replacement cartridges to customers.
  • Throughout the program, 120Water provides ongoing communication, which could include phone calls, emails, texts and letters/postcards to residents.
  • All your pitcher filter data is tracked in 120Water's secure online platform. This allows your utility to monitor program effectiveness and compliance.

By participating in our pitcher filter program, you can take an important step to reduce lead exposure from your resident's drinking water. 120Water is here to help make the process easy and effective.