LSLR & Pitcher Filter Programs

Source: 120Water

Fulfill requirements and protect residents during LSL replacements with ease. 120Water manages the entire process from start to finish, including fulfillment of EPA-approved samples and pitchers, customer data storage, voucher code generation, and real-time insights along the way. Gain peace of mind with an automated, repeatable process.

The right tools for the job

120Water makes sure the right kit is sent to the right place at the right time. Every time. Whether for school and daycare sampling, 1st and 5th-liter kits, POU pitchers, or replacement filters.

Automated fulfillment and tracking

Automatic delivery of EPA approved Sample kits, Pitchers, and Filters as soon as they are enrolled in a replacement plan.

One Easy-to-Use Platform

The 120Water platform centralizes your data and allows you to consolidate information and easily segment tier lists based on inventories.