1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter

Source: Emerson


This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.

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The Model 1066 loop-powered transmitter measures pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, oxygen, free chlorine, total chlorine, monochloramine and ozone serving a wide range of liquid analytical applications

This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.

  • Analytical Measurements: Ordering options for pH/ORP, Resistivity/Conductivity, % Concentration, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Monochloramine, Dissolved Oxygen, and Ozone.
  • Large Display: The high-contrast LCD display can be customized to meet user requirements.
  • Digital Communications: HART version 7 digital communication is
    standard on Model 1066. Model 1066 HART units communicate with the Model 475 HART® hand-held communicator and HART monitoring applications such as AMS™ Intelligent Device Manager.
  • Menus: Menu screens for calibrating and programming are simple
    and intuitive. Plain language prompts and help screens guide the
    user through the procedures. All menu screens are available in eight languages. Live process values are displayed during programming
    and calibration.
  • Quick Start Programming: Popular Quick Start screens appear the first time the unit is powered. The instrument prompts the user to configure the sensor loop in a few quick steps for immediate commissioning.
  • User Help Screens: Fault and warning messages include help screens similar to Plant Web alerts that provide useful troubleshooting tips to the user. These on-screen instructions are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Diagnostics: The transmitter continuously monitors itself and the sensor for problems. A display banner on the screen alerts Technicians to Fault and/or Warning conditions. The dedicated Diagnostic key is available for immediate access to specific fault and warning messages and troubleshooting help screens.
  • Current Outputs: HART® units include two 4-20 mA electrically isolated current outputs giving the ability to transmit the live measurement value and the process temperature reported from the sensor.
  • Input Dampening: is automatically enabled to suppress noisy process readings. Default input filtering averages readings for settings between one and four seconds.
  • SMART-enabled pH: Rosemount Analytical’s SMART pH capability eliminates field calibration of pH probes through automatic upload of calibration data and history. pH probe changes are literally plug and play using SMART pH sensors with VP cables.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Most measurements require temperature compensation. The 1066 will automatically recognize Pt100, Pt1000 or 22k NTC RTDs built into the sensor. Temperature compensation algorithms are available and selectable as needed to ensure accurate live measurements.
  • SMART Wireless THUM Adapter Compatible: Enable wireless transmissions of process variables and diagnostics from hard to-reach locations. A 250 Ohm load resistor is integrated in-circuit on the main circuit board and a dedicated THUM terminal block is provided for easy wiring connection. When commissioned with the THUM Adapter, 1066 HART units will communicate with all other wireless devices on the Emerson wireless network.

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