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Derry Township

Kruger Inc. provides innovative and sustainable solutions and technologies, technical expertise and customer support services for municipal water and wastewater treatment customers.

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200 MGD AnoxKaldnes(TM) IFAS at Fields Point Wastewater Treatment Facility in Providence, RI.


Contact Information:
4001 Weston Pkwy
Cary NC 27513
Phone: 919-677-8310
Fax: 919-677-0082


Case Studies     

Case Study: Monteray Shores, NC
Case Study: City And County Of Broomfield, CO
Case Study: Somersworth, NH
Case Study: Fairplay, CO
Case Study: Yucaipa, CA
Case Study: Newport News, VA
Case Study: City of Johnstown, CO
Case Study: Williams Monaco WWTP
Case Study: Mankato, MN
Case Study: City of Buffalo, MN
Case Study: City of Palm Coast, FL
Discfilter Fixes TSS Effluent And Capacity Issues
AnoxKaldnes Hybas™: Meeting New Limits
Sustainable Nutrient Removal With IFAS
Rocky Mountain Highlights: 9 Noteworthy Membrane Applications
BioCon®: A Class A Solution
ENVISTA™ Vis Polymer Optimization System
The Power Of Bundling: BIOSTYR® + ACTIFLO®
Reducing Odor & Corrosion
Hydrotech Discfilter + BioCon®: One Plant, Two Solutions
Biologically Active Filter Technology Applications For Wastewater Treatment Upgrade
Quality Effluent: BIO-DENITRO™ + Hydrotech Discfilter
Meeting Strict TN Limits: ANITA™ Mox
Improving Total Nitrogen Removal
BIOSTYR® Improves Health Of The Long Island Sound


ACTIFLO High Rate Ballasted Clarification
ACTIFLO Process For Wet Weather And Wastewater Treatment
ANITA™ Mox Solution For High Strength Ammonia Streams
BioCon Biosolids Dryer
Bio-Denitro Phase Isolation Technology
Hydrotech Discfilter
SOLIA™ Solar Drying
Thermal Hydrolysis Solutions




ACTIFLO Process For Drinking Water Treatment ACTIFLO Process For Wet Weather And Wastewater Treatment
ANITA™ Mox Anammox Process™ Brochure AnoxKaldnes™ LagoonGuard™
AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and ANITA™ Mox Deammonification BioCon® Biosolids Drying & Energy Recovery
Hydrex™ H2S Treatment Brochure
Hydrotech Discfilter Pure Performance
Solia™ Solar Drying Brochure Stamo Agitation Solutions Brochure
Thermal Hydrolysis Solutions: Optimizing Digestion Performance To Maximize Energy Cost Savings US Municipal Customer Support Brochure
Activated Sludge Technologies
Struvia™ Sustainable Recycling of Phosphorus from Wastewater
BioPasteur™ Sludge Treatment PYROFLUID™ Sludge-To-Energy/Matter Recovery

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