News | August 23, 2017

JWC Environmental's Wipes Ready Grinders Receives Prestigious WEF Innovative Technology Award

JWC Environmental (JWC) has been awarded the prestigious Innovative Technology Award by the Water and Environment Federation (WEF) for its Wipes Ready Technologies. This advanced sewage grinder technology, available exclusively on the company’s Muffin Monster and Channel Monster products, is helping wastewater professionals worldwide combat the problems caused by disposable wipes products.

In 2013 JWC Environmental took up the challenge of eliminating wipes related sewage pump clogs. The goal was to stop forcing operators to spend hours unclogging and rebuilding wipes plagued pumps that have broken down, only to have this problem repeat itself in a few weeks or even days. After extensive development and testing JWC introduced its Wipes Ready Technologies in late 2014.

Since the 2014 release of the Wipes Ready Technologies JWC has partnered with municipalities around the world to install hundreds of Muffin Monsters and Channel Monsters equipped with the new features. Due to technology’s ability to cut wipes in such a manner that keeps them from forming pump killing rag balls the results have been nothing but fantastic. Utilities are reporting pump systems that faced weekly clogs have not fouled in nearly two years. Others are reporting lower pumping related energy costs due to pumps staying free of debris and working more efficiently.

“Our customers were asking us for a solution to wipes related pump clogs and we listened to their needs.” says Rob Sabol, Director of R&D for JWC Environmental. “Through extensive testing and field trials by our development team, I am proud to say that we can now provide technologies that fix one of the biggest operational issues in wastewater today. Even better though is the sincere thanks we are getting from our customers.”

The recognition by WEF is just one more demonstration of JWC Environmental’s dedication to bringing innovative technologies to the wastewater industry. The award represents the fifth WEF Innovative Technology honor to JWC Environmental by the WEF organization. Previously recognized technologies have include JWC’s Screenings Washer Monster, Auger Monster, and the Honey Monster® Septage Receiving system.

JWC Environmental will be highlighting the company’s Wipes Ready Technologies along with all of its other solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater at WEFTEC 2017 exhibition, October 2-4 in Chicago.

About JWC Environmental
Since its founding in 1973, JWC Environmental has become a world leader in solids reduction and removal for the municipal wastewater industry with its Muffin Monster® line of products. JWC partners with industrial customers for wastewater and process optimization with its IPEC Screens, FRC DAF’s and Monster Industrial waste shredders. JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, and has a global partner network as wells as regional service centers to provide customer support. For more information, visit

Source: JWC Environmental