News | January 6, 2017

JWC Environmental To Acquire FRC Systems International, Expand Solutions For Industrial Wastewater

JWC Environmental (JWC)and FRC Systems International (FRC) have announced the finalization of the transaction for the acquisition of FRC Systems by JWC Environmental. Theacquisition of FRC,a leader in industrial wastewater process design and equipment,expandsJWC’s offering of high-quality solutions for its industrial and municipal wastewater customers.

“We are excited to welcome FRC Systems International into the JWC Environmental family of companies,” said Ken Biele, Chief Executive Officer of JWC Environmental. “FRC Systems represents the type of organization that complements the strategy of JWC — providing best-in-class wastewater technologies while maintaining the flexibility to meet the unique challenges our customers present us.”

Since 1979, FRC Systems has been an industry leader in dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for some of the largest industrial companies in the world. The products and expertise FRC offers have been used extensively in a variety of wastewater applications spanning the food and beverage, meat andpoultry processing, and oil andgas industries, as well as a wide range of general manufacturing applications.

“JWC and FRC share a similar vision of providing reliable and proven solutions to wastewater customers regardless of the industry they serve,” said Biele.“FRC’sstrong position within industrial wastewater furthers JWC’s ability to provide a full lineup of products for critical solids preconditioning, pump protection and liquid/solids separation applications in multiple industries.Additionally, FRC’s expertise in DAF technologies increases JWC’s ability to help municipal water and wastewater customers solve challenging problems.”

As part of the acquisition, Adriaanvan der Beek, President of FRC Systems International, will join the JWC Environmental executive team and continue to leadthe ongoing business. “We are very pleased to become part of such a highly successful company which, like FRC, brings trusted wastewater solutionsto the industry,” said Van der Beek. “JWC provides us with an even stronger foundation to accelerate the growth of our DAF products while expanding the types of solutions we can offer our customers, like the JWC Monster grinders and wastewater drum screens.”

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