News | October 5, 2022

Itron's Solutions To Digitally Transform Warwickshire Into A Smart Water Region

Source: Itron

Severn Trent Water to Deploy 157,000 Itron Smart Water Meters to Improve Leak Detection as Part of the Green Recovery Program

Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, today announced is joining forces with Severn Trent Water to digitally transform Warwickshire, England into a smart water region.

The collaboration is part of Severn Trent Water's Green Recovery Program and includes the deployment of Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, including 157,000 Itron smart water meters equipped with Cyble multi-connectivity communication modules connected through Itron’s partner, Connexin, who are providing the LoRaWAN network. Deployment of the solution is currently underway and will allow Severn Trent Water to gain a better understanding of water consumption on its network.

Itron's smart water meters offer the utility highly accurate, efficient, and comprehensive water volume measurements that can be monitored regularly/routinely to better detect leaks. The water meters can monitor a variety of flow rates, maintain a high level of accuracy, and effectively measure water volume. With Itron's Cyble 5 communication modules, Severn Trent Water will transform its smart meters into a connected data source, enabling the utility to easily and efficiently capture and manage meter readings through an AMI database. This provides the utility with a better understanding of water usage across its service territory. Severn Trent is also taking advantage of Itron’s Temetra, the next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution, as a single meter data management platform to collect and manage meter data, whether via mobile meter reading or communication network.

Itron’s smart water meters are not only included in the Green Recovery Project, but also included in the lead replacement scheme as the water meters are installed on new supply pipes. Itron’s water meters help the utility to save water and identify leaks quicker, ultimately contributing to creating an intelligent infrastructure for the future of Warwickshire.

“Severn Trent Water’s Green Recovery program delivers benefits and improvements to Warwickshire's environment and its communities. Taking advantage of Itron’s solution as part of this project allows us to track water flow in the area, identify any loss of water across the network, as well as see exactly how much water is used, giving our customers improved control over their water usage while gaining a better understanding of the network,” said Rachael Kelleher – Severn Trent’s Green Recovery Contract Specialist.

“Deploying Itron water meters equipped with Cyble 5 multi-connection AMI communication modules, creates an intelligent infrastructure for Severn Trent Water and delivers water saving benefits as part of the utility’s Green Recovery Program,” said Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron. “Itron’s smart water solutions, such as the solution being deployed by Severn Trent Water, can help Itron customers digitalize and optimize their operations for managing resources more efficiently, and we look forward to collaborating with Severn Trent Water and helping them better monitor and understand their water usage.”

“IoT and smart technologies play a vital role in helping to create more efficient water networks for service providers, customers and the environment,” said Ralph Varcoe, Chief Growth Officer at Connexin. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Severn Trent Water to help build a smarter and greener water network for the residents of Coventry and Warwickshire. With Connexin’s and Itron’s expertise in water management, we can create a modern network with improved operational efficiencies.