Ion Exchange

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Calgon Carbon offers a diverse range of products, services, and equipment specifically developed for the purification, separation, concentration, and filtration of liquids, gases, and other media.  Calgon Carbon’s ion exchange technology is designed to remove dissolved ionic compounds from water such as perchlorate, nitrate, hexavalent chrome, and ​Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).

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Calgon Carbon was the first to develop resins for the removal of perchlorate in drinking water systems in California, and the first system utilizing our continuous ISEP® technology was at the LaPuente County Water District in LaPuente, CA.  The first system to utilize one pass resin with our Model 10 systems was at the California Domestic Water Company in El Monte, CA.  Since then Calgon Carbon has treated millions of gallons of perchlorate laden drinking water, making it safe for consumption.

Calgon Carbon is the industry leader in PFAS removal applications with our FILTRASORB® granular activated carbon (GAC), and a great majority of PFAS applications are treated economically and effectively utilizing GAC. However, there are some cases in which resin is the more cost effective choice.  

Fixed Bed Equipment

Calgon Carbon’s Fixed Bed Ion Exchange Systems have been installed worldwide and are a proven technology for the removal of dissolved ionic compounds from water where insitu regeneration of the media is not required.  A fixed bed system can be used in a wide variety of applications and can be modified to best meet the site requirements and treatment objectives.  Typical applications include perchlorate, hexavalent chrome, and ​PFAS.

The pre-engineered 6, 8, 10, and 12 ft diameter vessel designs assure that the system performs as desired with minimal design engineering input. The engineering package can be provided quickly and the system expedited through Calgon Carbon’s production facilities.  The process piping network accommodates operation of the two ion exchange vessels in parallel or series flow, with either vessel in the lead position. The piping can also isolate either vessel for resin exchange or backwash operations, while maintaining flow through the other vessel.  In addition, the Calgon Carbon underdrain design provides for efficient use of the resin through uniform collection of water at the bottom of the bed.

Continuous Ion Exchange Technology

For more than 20 years, Calgon Carbon has been a global leader in continuous ion exchange technology, thanks in large part to the success and advanced performance of its Ion Separator (ISEP®) technology.   With over 650 installations in more than 40 applications, Calgon Carbon’s ISEP® technology continues to prove itself capable of economically solving complex processing problems. The counter-current flow of the continuous ISEP® system allows for a substantial reduction in media inventory, less chemical regeneration and water waste, and higher recoveries. The ISEP®-SB is Calgon Carbon’s latest offering in rotary distributors. The improved design maintains the advantages of the continuous ISEP® system, but precludes the need for a turntable allowing for greater flexibility, a smaller footprint and overall capital cost, and less maintenance and spare parts.

Our continuous ISEP® technology is reliable, versatile, and cost effective compared to alternative technologies and fixed bed systems where regeneration of the media is required.  The most common applications are for nitrate, perchlorate, and hexavalent chrome removal from municipal drinking water.  In addition to being easy to operate and maintain, the ISEP® system provides maximum nitrate removal while generating up to 80 percent less waste and using up to 60 percent less resin than traditional fixed bed ion exchange systems.

Waste Handling and Disposal

Calgon Carbon is experienced in handling waste from treatment sites and understands the regulations for disposal.  We use only the best waste handling facilities which ensures our clients the least amount of environmental exposure. Waste profile approvals for spent media are time consuming process and we will assist you in getting the required approvals for disposal.

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