News | February 16, 2017

Infiltrator Celebrates Thirty Years Of Innovation

A Homeowner’s Failed Septic System Revolutionizes the Future of Onsite Wastewater Management

Infiltrator Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of decentralized wastewater treatment technology, celebrates 30 years of innovation in the onsite wastewater industry this year.

A septic system failure in the 1980s at the home of Jim Nichols, the founder of Infiltrator Water Technologies, sparked the invention of the gravelless plastic leaching chamber.

“The original Infiltrator chamber revolutionized the onsite wastewater industry by making stone and pipe leachfields a thing of the past and introduced a completely new concept in onsite wastewater management,” said Roy Moore, President and CEO of Infiltrator Water Technologies.

Innovation has been a driving force of Infiltrator’s success over the past 30 years. That first chamber has evolved into a full line of chambers offered by Infiltrator. Infiltrator continued to grow with the industry as the need for products to serve even more specialized and demanding applications expanded. Today, Infiltrator offers additional septic products such as ATL and EZflow, engineered geosynthetic aggregate leachfield technologies. Innovations in manufacturing expanded the possibilities for plastic tanks that are stronger and lighter than concrete, offering ease of transport and installation.

About Infiltrator Water Technologies

Infiltrator Water Technologies manufactures and sells multiple product lines that meet stringent environmental and regulatory requirements for decentralized wastewater and water systems. The Infiltrator team built three of the world’s largest injection molding machines in-house which produce a number of the largest injection molded parts in the world. Through its subsidiary Champion Polymer Recycling, Infiltrator is a leader in the use of “green materials” including post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics for the manufacture of products at their ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facility in Winchester, KY. The company holds 140 granted or pending patents.

The Infiltrator family of products includes Quick4 and Arc by Infiltrator leachfield chamber brands, EZflow by Infiltrator engineered geosynthetic aggregate, IM-Series injection molded tanks for septic, rainwater harvesting, and potable water applications, EZset risers, ATL by Infiltrator, and the Aquaworx IPC Controller. Infiltrator also manufactures StormTech chambers for stormwater detention and retention applications.

SOURCE: Infiltrator Water Technologies