Drumscreen Monster®


Ultimate Fine-Screening For Pumped Flows
The Drumscreen Monster is a proven fine screening solution for municipal wastewater that has both high flows and lower solids content. This screening technology used at the headworks protects sensitive treatment processes including MBRs from fibers and other fine particles. It is also commonly used within clarifier scum screening operations.

The Drumscreen Monster is constructed of all stainless steel including components that others often neglect like chains and sprockets. Screening drum materials are designed around both the influent as well as the requirement of the downstream treatment process. The wedgewire or perforated drums turn on UHMW trunnion wheels with sealed internal bearing for extra-long periods between required maintenance.

Method of Operation

The influent enters a headbox, where the energy is dissipated, and the flow is evenly distributed onto the interior sidewalls of the drum. Solids are retained on the screen surface and the liquid flows radially through the screen openings. Splash guards direct the liquid filtrate to a central drainage area, and the solids are transported axially, by flights, to the open end of the drum. The rotation of the drum allows the entire screening surface to be intermittently washed by a fixed, external, spray bar fitted with a bank of spray nozzles.


  • Superior fine screening to protect sensitive downstream treatment processes
  • Designed for pump flows eliminates need for civil construction of channels
  • Customized to fits into existing infrastructure and specific needs of treatment process


  • All 304 stainless steel construction
  • Headbox with overflow protection
  • Solid unitary frame


  • Flows from 200 to 12,200 gpm (45-2770 m3/hr)
  • Drum Diameters range from 18 – 72 inches (460 – 1830 mm)
  • Drum Lengths range from 36 – 160 inches (915 – 4065 mm)

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