Article | May 31, 2018

How To Calculate Chlorine Demand When Treating Iron & Manganese With Solid Manganese Dioxide

Source: Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc.

Most treatment systems for removing iron and manganese from groundwater sources use chlorine, oxygen or various other chemicals to oxidize the clear state of iron and manganese to an oxidized or solid form so the particles can then be filtered out. If complete oxidation occurs and if the oxidized floc is of suitable condition, a filtration system consisting of filter sand and anthracite is used.

In place of filter sand, manganese dioxide filter media can be used. Manganese dioxide media are either naturally mined and in a solid granule form or manufactured by applying a coating of manganese dioxide on the surface of various types of granular filter media such as silica or greensand.

Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc.