Since 1989 Clean Water Systems, Division of Clean Water Systems and Stores Inc. has provided innovative, cost-effective solutions for water quality problems in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and community systems applications.

Specializing in treating groundwater applications for iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants, we have helped thousands of customers in over 40 countries with solutions for commercial and industrial applications, in addition to serving over 24,000 residential customers.

We offer you the benefits of many years of research and experience in the field of water treatment and look forward to working with you.


Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide Iron & Manganese Filter Media Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide Iron & Manganese Filter Media

Pro-OX is a black, granular, naturally mined filter media composed of high purity manganese dioxide. Unlike coated filter media such as Birm or manganese greensand, Pro-OX is a solid manganese dioxide offering higher flow rates and faster reaction times.

Pro-OX 7500 Commercial Iron Filtration Systems Pro-OX 7500 Commercial Iron Filtration Systems

Flow Rate: Refers to maximum recommended Gallons Per Minute ("GPM") which means how fast the water is flowing. The 1.5 CF model works best for most homes (such as 2 -3 bathroom homes with 2 - 6 persons). However for homes with 2 - 4 persons, the 0.75 or 1.0 CF models work great.

CWS Auto Hypo Chlorination Skids CWS Auto Hypo Chlorination Skids

Reliable and Automatic: Our fully automatic hypo-chlorination pump and tank skids systems are the best way to achieve accurate chlorine residuals in your storage tanks or distribution systems with the least amount of maintenance.


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