Article | January 22, 2018

How Often Should I Measure ATP In My Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Source: LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

By Jordan Schmidt


LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP has many potential uses within a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), including: diagnosing acute and chronic toxicity, optimizing solids concentrations in the aeration tank, optimizing dissolved oxygen setpoints and identifying sludge bulking events. How often you should measure ATP depends on the quantity of data you’ve collected, the operational performance of your WWTP and the types of wastewater inputs you receive. When you first start using ATP, it is recommended that you conduct an initial round of baseline monitoring. This includes sampling approximately 20 times over a 2-4 week period. All WWTPs are slightly different, therefore the initial baseline will allow you to assess the current operational status of your plant and allow you to set goals for continuous improvement.