Guidance For LT2 Rule Compliance: 10 Technology Tips

Source: Harmsco Filtration Products

An industry expert addresses technology and compliance concerns regarding the U.S. EPA’s Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2).

What “bin” are you in? If you’re familiar with the U.S. EPA term “bin” — parlance for the four possible treatment categories pursuant to LT2 requirements — you likely have an answer. You may still have questions, however, on compliance.

The following Q&A with Harold (Hank) Harms, president and CEO of Harmsco Filtration Products, was designed to answer those questions. Harms’ insight offers guidance to utilities (likely the smaller ones) still engaged in the second round of monitoring and compliance under LT2, as well as those seeking alternatives or improvements to existing treatment schemes. (For background on the rule, see the EPA Fact Sheet.)