White Paper

General Electrochemistry

Source: PEPCON Systems

PEPCON Systems, Inc. of Nevada has been using electrochemical processes in their plant since 1958 when the first commercial lead dioxide anodes were patented and applied to our manufacture of oxychlorine compounds. The application of electrochemical processes for treatment of waste gas and liquid discharges was a natural outgrowth of this earlier work. PEPCON commenced development of electrolytic waste treatment systems in 1968. This work has resulted in installations for various purposes throughout the world.

All chemical processes involve the loss, gain, or redistribution of electrons on an atom or group of atoms. Electricity is the movement of electrons along a conductor. It is no wonder then that chemical changes can be made to occur by passing an electric current through a solution containing atoms or groups of atoms which will accept or give up electrons. Processes which pass an electrical current through a solution to effect chemical changes are called electrochemical processes.