News | October 15, 2018

Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS H2O) Establishes Strategic Partnership In India With Industrial Water Leader Ion Exchange

Partnership provides a platform with which FTS can provide advanced, membrane-based water treatment solutions to end customers in the fast-growing Indian market

Fluid Technology Solutions Inc. (FTS) a leading provider of membrane-based water treatment technologies including Forward Osmosis (FO) and High Brine Concentration Recovery (HBCR), recently announced the commencement of a strategic partnership in India with leading water systems, projects and services provider Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. This partnership will focus on providing optimised effluent wastewater reuse and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions to industrial customers in the fast-growing Indian market.

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. President Mr. Ajay Popat commented, “Our Company strives to bring new technologies into India and other geographies served by us to help solve pressing water treatment needs with lower cost of ownership and higher reliability. Forward Osmosis and other osmotic brine concentration technologies by FTS will help us further reduce costs for customers requiring zero discharge for their plant’s effluent streams. We see it’s applicability in the ZLD schemes for chemical, textile, food & beverages, sugar, power industries, CETPs (centralised effluent treatment plants), etc., to name a few where we have already set up impressive working references for ZLD systems.”

FTS is a pioneer in the application of FO to treat difficult industrial, municipal, and agricultural water and provide fresh water for reuse. The company has provided commercial systems for landfill leachate treatment, pharmaceutical concentration, shale gas produced water treatment and mining effluent treatment. FTS President Mr. Keith Lampi discussed the company’s expansion into new markets, stating “Since the founding of FTS in 2015, our mission has been to apply our technologies both domestically and internationally – water scarcity and the need for reuse are global challenges. For the Indian market, we see Ion Exchange as the preferred partner for us, having strong complementary technologies to our FO and brine concentration, and the two companies share a culture of providing well thought-out and complete solutions to customers.” In the Indian region, the strategy for FTS and Ion Exchange is to improve the operating cost and capital cost of ZLD processes, increasing the number of sites that can employ such water saving treatment methods.

About Fluid Technology Solutions Inc.
FTS is committed to the application of advanced membrane technologies to solve issues with difficult waters for industrial, agricultural, and municipal customers around the world. If the goal is water reuse and minimal discharge, FTS can develop a solution.

The company also offers a family of personal hydration products, based on FO technology, for survival and humanitarian needs. These 0.0007 micron filters are unique in that they excel at generating high-quality fluids from any water, even salt water and highly turbid sources. For more information, visit .

The FTS base of operations is in Albany, Oregon, with sales offices in New York, Boston, Seattle, Beijing, and partner engineering and manufacturing operations in Shanghai. For more information visit

About Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.
A pioneer of water treatment in India and specialists in water and waste water, Ion Exchange offers total water and environment management solutions for all sectors - infrastructure, industry, institutions, municipal, homes and communities, urban and rural.

360° environment management adds value across the entire circuit - from influent water through potable and industrial process water to effluent/sewage treatment and water recycle for zero discharge and waste to energy projects for solid waste management.

Ion Exchange is a manufacturer of world-class ion exchange resins for water and non-water applications, membranes, water treatment chemicals and speciality process chemicals, in ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified facilities.

Offering design and supply of water, process liquid, waste water treatment, water recycle plants - packaged, pre-engineered and custom-built, on turnkey, BOT and EPC basis, For more information, visit

SOURCE: Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.