News | December 20, 2018

Fluence Procures First Aspiral™ Contracts With Partner ITEST In China

Source: Fluence
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  • First 2 contracts received under existing partnership agreement
  • 35 Aspiral™ units to be deployed across 13 sites
  • Plants will treat wastewater at toll stations, parking lots and service areas across Hubei Province

Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce that it has signed its first two contracts under its previously announced partnership agreement with ITEST to supply Aspiral™ Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plants along the highway system under ITEST’s scope.

Fluence will supply Aspiral™ Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plants for 13 sites pursuant to these initial contracts. A total of 35 Aspiral™ units (thirty (30) L4 models and five (5) S1 models) will be deployed to handle the varied capacity requirements at the individual sites. This will be Fluence’s first sale of the S1 type, a small-scale Aspiral™ model.

The 20-foot S1 units will each be used to treat up to 75 m3/day of wastewater at five separate toll stations in Honghu and Huangshi City. The 40-foot L4 units, which can treat up to 200 m3/day, will be distributed among 2 parking areas and 3 service areas along the highway in Honghu and Huangshi and 7 service areas along the Hangrui and Huyu highways.

Fluence announced its strategic partnership agreement with ITEST in October 2018. Pursuant to the agreement, ITEST intends to promote and implement further Aspiral™ wastewater treatment solutions for its Highway Service Centers in Hubei Province, with annual targets over the next three years.

Fluence Managing Director and CEO Henry Charrabé said: “These orders are a promising start and confirm our initial volume expectations under our partnership agreement with ITEST. As the Aspiral™ Smart Packaged plants continue to deliver consistent, high-quality wastewater treatment for this partner, Fluence amasses important reference sites for this application. We remain very optimistic about the future prospects of this mutually beneficial agreement with ITEST.”

About Fluence Corporation
Fluence has experience operating in over 70 countries worldwide and employs more than 300 highly trained water professionals around the globe. The Company provides local, sustainable treatment and reuse solutions, while empowering businesses and communities worldwide to make the most of their water resources.

Fluence offers an integrated range of services across the complete water cycle, from early stage evaluation, through design and delivery to ongoing support and optimization of water related assets. With established operations in North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe, Fluence is also expanding into China’s rural wastewater treatment market.

Global consultancy Frost and Sullivan recently awarded Fluence Corporation “2018 Global Decentralized Water and Wastewater Treatment Company of the Year”, noting in their award dissertation:

“While typical decentralized water treatment systems are relatively expensive, complicated, and inefficient, Fluence Corporation leverages innovative and smart technology solutions backed by decades of industrial know-how to excel in water and wastewater treatment solutions. Fluence’s excellence becomes apparent through its success, as the company continues to expand its existing offerings as well as partnerships with other prominent companies in the industry. With its easy to use, sustainable, smart and cost-effective solutions as well as a remarkable year of growth, innovation, and leadership, Fluence Corporation earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Global Company of the Year Award in the decentralized water and wastewater treatment industry.”

SOURCE: Fluence