Fastite Joint Pipe With Fast-Grip Gasket Video Overview

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

The AMERICAN Fastite joint is a flexible, rubber ring compression-type joint used extensively in underground service for water, sewage or other liquids. It has the proven long-life and high-strength qualities inherent in joints produced in accordance with AWWA C111 and pipe produced centrifugally in accordance with AWWA C151.

The restraint provided by the Fast-Grip gasket is due to the development of wedging action between pairs of high-strength stainless steel elements spaced around the gasket. The outer metal element acts as a bearing member for the wedge-shaped inner element, which has sharp teeth on its inner surface for gripping the spigot.

Watch the full video for an introductory demonstration to the fastite joint pipe with fast-grip gasket.

AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company