Executive Coaching

Taylor Business Group

Owner/Executive Coaching is a one-on-one engagement with the principal(s) of the business.  These typically are focused on one or two areas of the business where the principal does not have experience or is struggling with implementing a solution.  Executive Coaching is also used to help accelerate the company’s growth and ensure your growth objectives are met.

Our consultants work with the management team and staff of your company in order to enhance your company’s processes and procedures within the sales, service and administration functions of your company in order to drive more profits to the bottom line, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and increase overall company efficiencies.

We will put together a list of priorities you feel need to be addressed immediately. We then employ a process to establish action plans for you to implement followed by a constant review by both of us to ensure those action plans are being implemented.

Coaching is distinct from consulting.  Coaching is the art of understanding where the business owner wants to go and guiding them along the way to the solution.  It also provides the accountability that most owners don’t have.