Article | November 5, 2019

Evolution Of Pipeline Leak Detection

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

By Joe Incontri

Use of new technology adds reliability while reducing resources required

As the sheer number of pipelines crisscrossing the country continues to increase, there is an urgent need to ensure pipeline infrastructure safety. The age of many of the pipelines and the number of different products flowing makes this a challenging prospect. Now, new technology has been developed that meets the need for reliable protection that complies with regulatory requirements while eliminating false alarms. Using pattern recognition, an advanced computational technology for getting more information from the ever-growing pool of sensor data collected, these new systems are reducing resources needed to manage pipeline leak detection while gaining more reliability. Among the new technologies, extended real time transient model (E-RTTM) technology has proven to be the most effective detection system for monitoring and protecting pipelines in all operating conditions.