Case Study

Equipment Upgrade Cuts Maintenance Over 75%

Source: JWC Environmental

Operations managers at a conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) report a 75% reduction in routine maintenance time for screening equipment through installation of an upgraded system.

The upgrade, an Auger Monster® fine screen, removes unwanted plastics and trash and aided in the restoration of optimal BOD levels. With key components made from stainless steel, plant managers expect to significantly extend the service life of the system.

The Auger Monster, manufactured by JWC Environmental in Costa Mesa California, incorporates a spiral lifting screw with patented Muffin Monster® grinding technology. The system combines the benefits of a fine screen with the high-flow capability of a bar screen so it’s easier to remove unwanted solids from the wastewater channel. As solids are removed, dual spray wash zones liquefy the soft organics so they pass through the perforated screen and return to the treatment process. The remaining trash is dewatered and compacted before it is dropped in a dumpster.