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EnviroTechnologies International Inc. Announces Successful University Lab Testing Of Empowered Water™ And Activate™

Antimicrobial Properties of the Hypochlorous Solutions not Impacted by Activate™

Salt Lake City, UT /PRNewswire/ - EnviroTechnologies International Inc. (publicly listed OTC Pink Sheet), (ETII), a Delaware company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, today announced successful laboratory test results of its Empowered WaterTM Hypochlorous anolyte and its ActivateTM protein surfactant solutions. 

Testing demonstrated that extended surface coverage enabled by the ActivateTM protein surfactant products (a key product used by the company in various applications), did not impact the microbial kill efficacy of the Empowered WaterTM Hypochlorous.  This is an important part of the overall business opportunities for ETII as the combined annual market disinfectant solutions is estimated to grow to $1.6 billion in the US alone.

The Hypochlorous solution of Empowered WaterTM is a stabilized electrolyzed analytic water (HEW).  HEW has seen regular use and application in many different medical, industrial and agricultural applications.  HEW has been thoroughly tested and documented in laboratory experiments to exhibit consistent kill efficacy near 99.99% for a wide array of harmful bacteria within short exposure periods. Implementation of HEW routinely occurs commercially in disinfecting applications and organic sanitizing of food processing equipment. ETII's HEW is also used in apple orchards to control mold and mildew outbreaks. To enhance the effective coverage and dispersion of an HEW solution, the protein surfactant was proposed to reduce the surface tension of the solution to assist in the dispersal time and coverage area.

"In the past we have always addressed the balance between exposure time and coverage. To be effective, the Hypochlorous solution of Empowered WaterTM must reside on the surface being sanitized for 12-30 seconds. The challenge is always ensuring that the solution fully covers the desired surface, whether that surface is the outside of an apple or the inside of a tanker," said Randall Waters, Director of Operations for ETII.  "By using our natural and safe ActivateTM surfactant we hoped to get significantly more surface area coverage at a faster rate, thereby ensuring that we are in the Hypochlorous "Kill Zone" for the effective time periods.  The team at Montana State University LRES Laboratory ran the study to measure the efficacy of the solutions on the most common and had to address food related bacteria."

"ActivateTM is an enhanced protein surfactant that lowers interfacial and surface tension of fluid solutions.  Specifically, addition of ActivateTM would provide for more thorough HEW spreading, distribution and penetration when applied to surface areas such as fruit and/or vegetables," said Brett Sather of Sather Science Services.  Sather Science Services worked with Montana State personnel in defining, running, measuring and compiling the tests.  "It was our intent to ensure that the added physical properties of the protein surfactant had no impact on the microbial kill efficacy of the Hypochlorous solution."

Testing showed that the Hypochlorous/ActivateTM solution held its antimicrobial values.  The final test data showed that for all three bacteria tested, HEW+ ActivateTM proved to have significant biocidal effects: i.e. there were no viable counts of live bacteria remaining on the test plates with the highest contamination levels.  Bacteria levels decreased by approximately six orders of magnitude for Escherichia and Salmonella and five orders of magnitude for Listeria, indicating that cell survival after a 30 second exposure to HEW+ ActivateTM was at or approached zero.

"This experiment is similar to most other disinfecting plate tests and cannot claim 100% disinfecting but does indicate the theoretical maximum viable live counts could not exceed .1% or give the solution a 99.9% effective kill. And, it does show that the combination of Empowered WaterTM Hypochlorous and ActivateTM is as effective a disinfectant as pure Hypochlorous while providing the improvements in solution coverage added by the Activate Protein Surfactant," concluded Mr. Sather. 

"We have many agriculture initiatives under way presently and are very excited about the success of this Empowered WaterTM test," added Mr. Waters. "We are now in the process of extending the use of ActivateTM in several other application initiatives."

Empowered WaterTM anolyte is a safe and green electrolyzed water solution made from adding a very controlled saline formula to a purified water stream and processing the solution with a controlled electrical current.  These solutions have been used for the past 15 years in everything from cleaning home carpets to cleaning food and beverage facilities. Waters added, "We are working with additional potential installations for orchard spraying, as well as extending the use of the systems in fruit and food processing applications." 

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