Duperon® Washer Compactor

Source: Duperon
Duperon® Washer Compactor

The Duperon Washer Compactor is a robustly simple, high-efficiency, non-batching process machine with a dual-auger system.

The Duperon® Washer Compactor Discharge Extension Option can transport debris up to 40 feet in any direction, eliminating the need for additional motorized conveyance systems. Since our process compacts debris prior to its entry into the discharge chute, extended transport distance and elevation is achieved with little to no resistance and is unaffected by extended detention times.

Duperon® Washer Compactor Features & Benefits

Adaptive Self-Regulating Compaction:
Duperon® has designed a Self-Regulating Compaction Housing, which maintains pressure when debris volumes are low and mechanically adapts to maintain reasonable pressure when volumes increase. This allows for efficient processing of debris regardless of flow volume or debris type.

Positive Displacement Technology:
Duperon® proven positive displacement assures that what goes in, comes out.

Consistent Clean:
Self-centering dual augers mean that debris will not wrap or cling, instead continuously moving forward for compaction and discharge.

Reduces Landfill Costs:
The non-batching process utilized by the Duperon® Washer Compactor continuously cleans and compacts screenings, reliably providing up to 84% volume reduction and up to 60% dry solids, reducing landfill costs while decreasing the hassle of debris removal.