Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrack

Source: Duperon

DuperonĀ® Self-Cleaning Trashrack

For the toughest debris conditions, the Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrack easily handles heavy vegetation, large refuse, logs and other harsh, rugged debris. The front-clean, rear-return technology is able to stand idle for long periods, yet still reliably start whenever a storm or rain event occurs. Independently operating chain strands offer built-in redundancy and continuous operation when it’s most critical.

Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrack Features and Benefits

Low maintenance:
Few moving parts, with no pins to shear, brakes, clutches, or other frequently replaced parts. No underwater bearings or sprockets; bearings are sealed and self-lubricated.

Energy Efficient:
Low energy consumption is required with the Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrake’s low horsepower motor.

Built-In Redundancy:
Each chain operates independently, assuring continuous operation. Self-Tripping Mechanism assures that the screen will be continually cleaned, even in the presence of overlarge and bulky debris.

The Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrake was created with remote locations in mind, and designed to assure efficient, immediate operation during storm and rain events – even if the unit has been sitting idle for some time.