Corrosion Prevention, Energy Savings With Iron Pipe


In this Water Online Radio interview, Maury Gaston of American Ductile Iron Pipe and American SpiralWeld Pipe talks about the many benefits of iron pipe and the company’s improved polyethylene encasement.

Due to advancements in chemistry, the polyethylene encasement now has three layers of co-extruded, low density, virgin polyethylene fused into a single thickness. The inner surface is infused with a high-tech blend of antimicrobial biocides, which prevent microbe biologically influenced corrosion. It also has a volatile corrosion inhibitor to arrest galvanic cells.

“Polyethylene graft has worked well for more than 50 years and this advancement in chemistry and corrosion control makes a great product even better,” says Gaston in the interview.

In addition to corrosion prevention, iron pipe also offers energy savings when compared to plastic pipe.  While plastic pipe does have a slicker friction factor, the larger inside diameter of iron pipe compensates for that. It takes less energy to pump the same amount of water through iron pipe than through plastic pipe.

To hear more about the benefits of iron pipe click for Gaston’s full interview with Water Online below.

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