Catalog | August 11, 2011

Chopper Pumps Product Catalog

Source: Vaughan Company

For over 50 years, Vaughan has been the market leader in manufacturing chopper pumps, solving today’s toughest solids-pumping problems. This family driven tradition all started with Jim Vaughan’s dream of a better, more reliable means of pumping manure.

Today’s third and fourth generation of the Vaughan family continue the tradition of quality, dependability and service.

With almost 25,000 units in service, the Vaughan® Chopper Pump has not only proven its value in problem solving, but also established itself as the reliable alternative to conventional pumping. Over the years, product reliability has also allowed Vaughan to GUARANTEE the performance of all chopper pumps. This guarantee is your assurance of clog-free solids-handling performance, not just another materials-and-workmanship warranty.