Case Study

Channel Monster Cuts Maintenance Costs And Protects Pumps In Santa Ana

Source: JWC Environmental

By Perla Lozano

In recent years maintenance operators at the Segerstrom Lift Station located in the City of Santa Ana, CA have noticed an escalation in pump ragging and blockages. This has led to an increase in maintenance expenses due to half to full day cleanings and along with an increase in man hours. Engineers sought the help of Costa Mesa based – JWC Environmental – a well-known and highly recommended wastewater treatment manufacturer – who recommended a Channel Monster sewage grinder.

The pump station, surrounded by quiet suburban homes, was built in the mid-’80s. Since then, the community and population has expanded and now includes a high school, intermediate and elementary school, and a business park. Currently, the station runs on a quarterly inspection of the Gorman Rupp® pumps and check valves. The station is also supported by a backup alarm system in case of emergency.

The optimal place to position the sewage grinder was a tight fit in the nearest wet-well, upstream of the lift station’s system, Seeing that JWCE is known for their custom fitted installations they created the best solution, in this case using guide rails.