Cantilever Centrifugal Chopper Pumps

Source: Vaughan Company


Vaughan's cantilever centrifugal chopper pumps have large 4" shafting, no submerged seal or bearings...

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Chopper Pumps Product Catalog

The Vaughan Cantilever centrifugal chopper pump is the toughest design available for shallow waste sumps with high solids, abrasives or corrosives content. Applications include fish waste, pulp and paper recycling, mining, storm drains and mill scale. The design includes heavy duty ball and roller bearings above the base plate, and a 4" shaft, allowing up to 4 feet pump length without the need for any submerged bearings or seals.


  • Direct or Belt Drive
  • Heavy Duty Roller and Ball Bearings
  • Large 4" Shafting
  • No Submerged Seal or Bearings
  • Chopper Impeller, Cutter Bar and Cutter Nut

Click Here To Download:
Chopper Pumps Product Catalog

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