Biolac® Long Sludge Age Process


The Biolac® System is a well-accepted biological wastewater treatment process with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of successful installations treating municipal and industrial wastewater. Using an innovative long sludge age, activated sludge process, the Biolac® System provides an extremely simple and cost-effective solution for many treatment applications.

The Biolac® process: 

  • Uses longer hydraulic retention times with more biomass in the treatment process, providing a process that is extremely stable and able to handle fluctuating loads and flow with minimal operator intervention and without pre or post equalization.
  • Reliably produces single digit effluent BOD/TSS and excellent biological nitrification, consistently removing ammonia to well less than 1 mg/l, even in single digit wastewater temperatures.
  • Simplifies total nitrogen removal using the Biolac® Wave-Ox™ process. Automatic DO and aeration control create multiple oxic and anoxic zones in a single treatment basin, eliminating the need for separate anoxic mixers and MLSS recycle flow and pumps. As a result, BNR energy usage is reduced by 20-30% vs. traditional BNR processes. Using the Wave-Ox™ Plus process with ammonia based process control reduces energy consumption further.
  • Produces minimal quantities of well-stabilized, excess biomass that typically requires no further sludge treatment after leaving the process.

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