Brochure | February 7, 2018

Biolac® EZClear™ Clarifier

Source: Parkson Corporation

For years, a key part of the Biolac System has been the simple, common wall secondary clarifier that completes the system. Efficient liquid-solids separation is critical to maintaining high quality effluent and the Biolac® clarifier has proven to perform with excellent reliability. Many plants produce effluent TSS between 5 and 10 mg/l. Along with hundreds of successful installation over the past 25 years comes the experience and learning that leads to new innovation and development.

The EZClear™ design builds on the successful innovation of the existing Biolac® clarifier while maintaining all the features and benefits that owners want.

  • Low effluent TSS
  • Rapid sludge removal
  • Simple maintenance of all equipment from the surface
  • Gravity RAS flow option
  • Low hydraulic profile