AquaDisk® Cloth Media Filtration System


Cloth media filters are designed for a variety of tertiary treatment applications

Cloth media filters are designed for a variety of tertiary treatment applications. This proven technology produces reuse quality effluent and is an accepted filtration technology in California Title 22 applications.

Each cloth media filtration system utilizes the PA-13 pile cloth as its primary filter media with other media available. The PA-13 media is a nylon fiber material that provides consistent removal of very fine particulate matter.

Cloth media filters are low-head systems that can be gravity fed. Each system is designed to backwash automatically upon water differential while maintaining continuous filtration during backwash. Typical backwash is less than 2-3% with a quick recovery time of less than 3 minutes, as compared to other typical filters which can take up to 20 minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Higher quality effluent
  • Lower backwash rates
  • Reuse quality effluents without chemical addition
  • Capable of high solids loading and higher hydraulic loading rates
  • Continuous filtration during backwash
  • Available in package and concrete units
  • Small footprint
  • Expandability
  • Eliminates sand media and underdrains

Cloth media filtration systems are installed in a variety of municipal and industrial applications:

  • Tertiary treatment: conventional activated sludge, SBRs, oxidation ditches, RBCs, trickling filters
  • Reuse/Recycle
  • Industrial process streams
  • Phosphorus removal
  • Color removal
  • Industrial make-up water
  • Precipitate removal

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