AquaABF Automatic Backwash Filter


The AquaABF is designed to filter water and backwash filter cells simultaneously during normal operation. By design, the filter bed is divided horizontally into 8 in. or 12 in. (20.3 or 30.5 cm) wide cells. Inlet water floods the sand bed through multiple inlet ports via gravity and flows through the granular media and porous plate. Filtrate passes through the effluent backwash port and into the effluent channel.

System Features and Advantages

  • High quality effluent
  • Mono media sand, dual media sand and anthracite, or granular activated carbon
  • Continuous filtration, even during backwash
  • High mechanical reliability and low maintenance; no pipe galleries or air bowers
  • Fully automatic, minimal operator attention required
  • Low capital cost and installation cost
  • Low head requirements