Aqua MegaDisk™ Cloth Media Filtration System


The Aqua MegaDisk cloth media filter expands on the reliability and exceptional performance of the original AquaDisk filter on a larger scale.

Each disk is approximately 10 feet in diameter and consists of (8) segments for ease of installation and maintenance. The Aqua MegaDisk filter can have up to 24 disks, which is capable of treating 24 MGD average daily flow in a single unit. The filter also features a 15 horsepower (HP) backwash pump and 5 HP drive motor. Since it requires fewer pumps, valves and disks, capital and O&M costs are reduced.

The Aqua MegaDisk filter achieves low level TSS and NTU and accommodates high solids and hydraulic loading rates. Since the filter has no moving parts, except during backwash mode, it uses low energy consumption. The filter also offers higher flux rates; low backwash rates and has a fully automatic PLC control system. It is designed for wastewater treatment plants with an average daily flow of more than 7 MGD.

Ideal applications include: municipal or industrial reuse/recycle, phosphorus removal, stormwater, deep bed filter retrofits or new plant construction. The filter is most favorable for plants with limited land space.