An Answer For 'Flushables'

An Answer For “Flushables”

In the past decade, wastewater professionals have been confronted with a drastic change in the debris coming through their facilities as consumer “flushables” have become a nightmare. The issue is probably illustrated most dramatically by the United Kingdom’s 2013 discovery of a bus-sized “fatberg” in London’s sewer system.

As solution providers scramble for an answer to this scourge, many have turned to upgrades in the lift station. One promising technology is found in Smith and Loveless’ X-Peller Pump Impeller. Specifically designed to handle high volumes of the stringy trash that compromise “flushables,” the X-Peller has been tested on the wastewater frontlines, including such formidable arenas as prisons, fairgrounds, and college residence halls.

During an interview with Water Online Radio at WEFTEC, Smith and Loveless marketing communication manager Darby Ritter described the scourge of “flushables” and the solution.

“The consumer flushables, cleaning products, the mops, the diapers, all those things are getting flushed and causing clogging issues,” Ritter said. “We have an anti-clog solution with our X-Peller impeller that is designed to handle the three inch solid and move it right along.”

To hear more about the “flushables” solutions offered by Smith and Loveless, plus Ritter’s take on grit removal, MBR, and reuse, tune in below.