Allegro Technology By Master Meter


At Master Meter, we believe that a combination of different underlying communication technologies, which share a common endpoint design is a highly efficient and cost-effective approach. That’s why we’ve developed a a flexible smart water technology solution for advanced water utility management.

Allegro Technology addresses issues that utilities often face when implementing AMI, regardless of a particular utility’s nuances and deployment needs. Allegro’s end-to-end solid-state technology optimizes project outcomes and business deliverables to help utilities solve their toughest water management challenges. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate understanding of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) with precise synchronized consumption data.
  • Extensive geographic RF reach resulting in more coverage in less deployment time, and reduced cost.
  • Exclusive endpoint technology is flexible, migratable, and able to operate in both fixed network, cellular, and drive-by environments.
  • On-demand consumption information available in hourly or 15-minute increments for an enhanced understanding of usage.
  • Full communication between the utility and the customer with on-demand reads, responsive alerts, and over-the-air firmware upgrades.