Aerzen Turbo Blowers

Source: Aerzen
Aerzen Turbo Blowers

Volume flow intakes from 2000 cfm to 8000 cfm Direct Driven, High Speed Turbo Blowers

Aerzen Turbo blowers are single stage high-speed turbo blowers designed for the lowest energy usage over a wide range of varying air flows and pressures. This modern frequency-controlled, gearless driven machine, along with lubricant-free aerodynamic bearings, guarantees an economical, reliable and maintenance-free compressor operation.

The high energy efficiency and the superior rise-to-surge characteristics of the blowers result from the optimal integration of its core components: the permanent magnet motor, the Aerzen Turbo Inverter, the impeller design and the inherent control system. At the top of its class in energy efficiency, with rotating speeds of up to 60,000 RPM and drive power to 400HP, these industrial machines perform reliably in such applications as wastewater aeration systems, fluidization, and flue gas desulphurization.