ADDIGEST® Aerobic Treatment System

ADDIGEST® Aerobic Treatment System

The ADDIGEST® is an aerobic wastewater treatment system designed for both municipal and industrial applications. The trade name ADDIGEST® is derived from "add-on-digestion" and attests to the versatility of this system. It offers treatment from basic BOD and TSS removal to nutrient removal and advanced treatment. The ADDIGEST® Treatment Plant is available in both a Factory-Built ADDIGEST® system and a larger Field-Erected ADDIGEST® system. Both treatment systems offer infinite flexibility to meet varying treatment volumes and design parameters.

Flows up to 50,000 GPD per tank (189 cmd)

Higher flows for field-erected systems

Models Factory-Built, Field-Erected, Steel & Concrete
Design BOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal

Features & Benefits

  • Design offers a large capacity range and ability to fully customize treatment options.
  • V-crimped walls provide greater rigidity and economy in manufacturing, while minimizing weight.
  • Easy to install and operate with little routine maintenance.
  • VERSAPOX® coating on all surfaces ensures the best resistance against corrosion and abrasion.
  • Electrical controls and instrumentation, air blowers, walkways, grating, access ladders and other accessories are readily available to provide a complete installation. 
  • Factory-Built models can be installed upon arrival, reducing standard delivery time, erection time and installation costs.
  • Smith & Loveless provides single-source responsibility, from design and process engineering to manufacturing and installation

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