• How Food And Beverage Companies Can Get Ahead Of The Water Scarcity Curve

    High-quality water is critical to food and beverage production — both as an ingredient and a process enabler — so the sourcing challenges faced by municipal water systems pose an ongoing threat to the health of the industry. Fortunately, there are a variety of technology options now available to improve water security.

  • AWWA Offers Comprehensive Approach To Water Main Assessments

    Municipalities have a new resource in the battle to stretch their water utility capital and maintenance dollars as far as possible. AWWA recently released its first edition of the M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains. The publication is designed to help water management professionals make better investment decisions by significantly improving their ability to estimate the lifespan of mains.

  • American Water Will Operate Texas Military Base Utility For Next 50 Years

    This contract, worth nearly $450 million, brings the number of water and wastewater systems operated at military sites to 15.

  • EPA Outlines Possible Solutions To Looming Perchlorate Limits

    The U.S. EPA is gearing up to limit perchlorate in public drinking water systems, so municipalities should start preparing to adopt the appropriate testing and treatment technologies. In a recent report, the agency identified several technologies as the best available to address the perchlorate problem.

  • Report: Invest In Tracking Systems And Address Data Privacy Concerns

    California should invest in modern water-use tracking systems and address privacy concerns as part of a larger data-focused initiative to get a better grip on its constrained water resources, according to a report that could have repercussions beyond the state.

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