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  1. Polymer Activation And Onsite Hypochlorite Generation

    Polymer activation through proper hydration of the polymer particle is critical in water clarification or sludge dewatering applications. According to Jeff Rhodes, Vice President of Commercial Development for UGSI Solutions, “the key is to have a high energy zone at the moment of initial welding, when the polymer and the water come together.”

  2. Smart Sensors Have Finally Arrived

    The heavy-duty, industrial strength of Aquametrix probes have made them ideal for wastewater applications. But as Mark Spencer, President of Water Analytics and the manufacturer for Aquametrix, points out in this Water Online Radio interview, they are also being accepted by a growing industrial audience.

  3. Modular Dissolved Air Flotation Systems Ideal For Treating Suspended Solids In High Flows

    Dissolved air flotation systems are ideal for removing suspended solids and emulsified oils from industrial wastewater streams because they work at high flows and can process high concentrations of contaminants. As Richard Newman, Director of Sales for SUEZ’s Gulf Coast Services, points out in this Water Online Radio interview, the treatment system is ideal for refineries and pulp and paper plants where suspended solids are not water soluble but emulsified.

  4. Three Largest Challenges With Wastewater Lagoons

    When it comes to wastewater lagoons, there are three main challenges that operators run into. The first, similar to other parts of the nation’s wastewater treatment infrastructure, is age. The second is compliance with new EPA ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus limits which many lagoon plants weren’t designed to deal with. And the third is expansion as communities grow and need additional capacity.

  5. Water For People Forever

    Water For People is an international non-profit organization based out of Denver, CO that hires local engineers and program directors to bring lasting and sustainable water and sanitation solutions to communities in Central and Latin America, Africa and India.

  6. High Flux Rates Reduce Energy Footprint Of Membrane Filtration

    PPG Industries has spent the last four years developing and field testing a membrane-based filtration technology that has arrived in the market as both a flat sheet and a spiral on filter cartridge.

  7. New Pipe Joint Eases Install

    There’s a new pipe joint in town. It’s the ALPHA restraint joint system launched recently by AMERICAN at WEFTEC 2016. According to Derek Scott, Marketing and Technical Manager with AMERICAN Flow Control, the new joint is easy to install with one stainless steel bolt at the top compared to the 8-bolts-on-each-end, traditional mechanical joint.

  8. Trimble Unity Brings Together Navigation Technology And Remote Monitoring

    After acquiring TELOG last year, Trimble has combined its traditional GIS/GPS navigation technology with TELOG’s remote monitoring solutions to create Trimble Unity, a smart network for monitoring water systems.

  9. Exploring The Water Energy Nexus

    The Water Research Foundation recently facilitated a meeting between seven major water-related organizations such as AWWA, WEF and NAWC and the Department of Energy to discuss the energy, water and food nexus. Water Online Radio sat down with Beate Wright, Executive Director for the D.C. office of the Water Research Foundation, to understand the implications of the meeting.

  10. PAA And UV Pair Up To Improve Disinfection Performance

    Peracetic acid (PAA)-based disinfection is growing in the US, both as a standalone disinfection method and in conjunction with other applications such as UV. Water Online Radio sat down with John Maziuk, Technical Development Manager with Solvay Chemicals to understand why.