Pat Cooke
Trihedral Shares The Capabilities Of SCADA
Patrick Cooke of Trihedral discusses recent advances in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), as well as the role SCADA plays throughout each stage of the water cycle.  Continue Reading..
Bernie Beemster
ASA Analytics Brings Control And Cost-Effectiveness To Chloramination
Bernie Beemster, president of ASA Analytics, talks to Water Online Radio about the aspects and advantages of chloramination, the essential parameters in monitoring the chloramination process, and why the ChemScan 2150/S is a cost-effective solution.  Continue Reading..
Carlton Quallo
Telog Instruments Reveals The Power Of Data Acquisition, Analytics
Carlton Quallo, VP of Telog Instruments, shares with Water Online Radio details about the company, its latest products, and what separates them from others in the field.  Continue Reading..
GE Water Helping Municipalities Meet New Guidelines And Regulations
Andrew Sparkes of GE Water sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss how GE is well-suited to upgrade existing infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.  Continue Reading..
Brian LaBelle
GF Piping ‘On The Move’ With New Products, Acquisitions
Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems tells Water Online Radio about the various entities that have come together under the GF umbrella, and how that expansion has enhanced the company’s range of piping and automation solutions.  Continue Reading..
Pamm Moss Hach
Hach Focuses On Optimizing Systems For Higher-Quality Water
Pam Moss of Hach Company talks about the water handling process and how every aspect — in the lab, at the plant, and in the field — can be optimized to save money and increase water quality.  Continue Reading..
Adam Festger
Let’s Talk Adenovirus With TrojanUV (Audio)
Adam Festger, Drinking Water & Environmental Contaminant Treatment market manager for TrojanUV, sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss UV trends and technologies. Hear all about TrojanUV’s “Let’s Talk Adenovirus” campaign, as well as the company’s growing installation base and recent product developments.  Continue Reading..
John Clark
Chemtrac Perfects Its Niche In Instrumentation
John Clark, VP and general manager of Chemtrac, talks to Water Online Radio about the capabilities and importance of process monitoring and control in water, wastewater, and industrial processes.  Continue Reading..
Joe Tirreno
Water Online Radio: Layne Brings Water Treatment, Water Supply, And Pump Repair To All Sectors
Joe Tirreno discusses Layne Christensen’s capabilities and the important emerging markets that can benefit from Layne’s versatile product line.  Continue Reading..
Veolia Offers New Products To Cultivate New Water Sources
Emily Gilbert of Veolia Water Technologies talks about zero discharge desalination and other innovative treatment technologies that are reducing the impact of water scarcity.  Continue Reading..